About Kidz Therapeze

​Our Mission

To increase the participation of children in their homes and communities through the provision of high-quality, evidence-based, child-centered care using a highly skilled, knowledgable and creative team of licensed therapists including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology as well as the family of the child as experts on the child and his environment. We provide this care in a safe, healthy, and engaging environment filled with encouragement and enthusiasm for the children.

Philosophical Statement

We believe that the quality of a child’s life and their interaction within the family is increased when they are able to participate in the individual environments of their day. We believe that our services, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology, are crucial to the improvement of participation for children with developmental disorders, disabilities or delays.

We believe that teaming with the child and family as experts on the child is an important part of our planning process while providing high quality, evidence based care. We believe that learning occurs best in an environment which provides engaging activities and encouragement as well as enthusiasm for the child.